Is there a calendar of events?

Yes! Please click here, to view our calendar of events!

How do I order tickets? What is the process?

Tickets are sold through Nightout and are linked in our calendar of events. Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. When purchasing tickets please do not click on the purchase button more than once. Attempting several times will put several holds on your credit card. We will not be able to reverse this as we do not receive any of the actual funds. 

What does my ticket cover? Is food included?

Your ticket price grants you entry to Radial Park, viewing of the show and no, it does not include food or beverages.

How do I get there?

There are a few ways to get to Radial Park. You can take the NYC Ferry to the Astoria terminal and walk 5 minutes to Radial Park. You can take the N/W Train to the 30th Ave station and walk 20 minutes to the venue. Additionally, you can drive. You can find us on the map here.

CLICK HERE for the Astoria Terminal Ferry Schedule.

What are the rules during the show?

We kindly ask that everyone follow social distancing guidelines at all times! Only leave your car to use the bathroom and please consider wearing a mask when you do so. You will be permitted to watch the show outside of your car, however, you are required to stay within the boundaries of your assigned lot. The sound for the movie is played over the FM radio in your car. You will be told the radio station to tune to when you arrive. If you do not have a radio, we have them available to purchase here.

How are spots chosen?

Tickets are sold by rows. Once you arrive at the lot, spots in your row are on a first-come-first-served basis. Larger vehicles will be asked to park in the back to allow for the best viewing of all.

What COVID-19 safety precautions have been taken?

The safety of our guests and team is a primary concern at the Drive-In. You will find an overview of the COVID-19 measures we will implement here. These include social distancing for both guests and staff, regular cleaning of all facilities, and contact-free check-in. All attendees and staff are required to wear masks whenever they are not in their vehicles, but masks are not required while attendees are in their vehicles. You will also be reminded of the mandatory safety measures via email and on-screen. With the exception of trips to the bathroom, we ask you to stay inside your car and keep the windows on the passenger side of the vehicle closed. If you drive a convertible, please close the roof before you enter the Drive-In site and keep it closed until after you have left.

Are bathrooms available?

      Yes, there are porta-potties on site. Please consider wearing a mask and be sure to use the hand sanitizer provided. There is also sanitizing spray available to clean between use, and they are cleaned regularly by staff on site.

What do I do with my car?

Please turn your vehicle off once you have parked until it is time to leave. Due to space constraints and COVID restrictions, once you park you will not be able to leave without interrupting the show. If you KNOW that you will have to leave early, let us know beforehand and we will put you in a position where you can leave unobtrusively. 

What do I do if I have an emergency?

     Flash your lights, honk your horn, wave your arms, it's an emergency! We will have one of our staff members immediately come over to assist you.

Is the price per person or per car/table?  

The cost for tickets is per car/table, not per person. That covers up to 5 guests by car and 4 guests per picnic table.. 


Is there walk-in availability for the show? 

Unfortunately, no. All tickets must be purchased ahead of time, online. You may purchase tickets up to the day of the show, as long as they are available. 


Am I allowed to park my vehicle in reverse?  

Yes. However, please be courteous of those around you, and not obstruct the view for other guests. 


Are pets allowed at Radial Park? 

With the exception of ADA service animals, pets are not allowed at Radial Park. 


What if it rains? Will there still be a show?  

Rain or Shine, the show will go on.


Am I allowed to use my phone during the show? 

We agree with most of our guests that having someone next to you on the phone is a huge distraction from the show. Please be courteous and just enjoy the show! And remember, recording the film and/or show is strictly prohibited. If you are caught filming the show or movie, you will be asked to leave.  

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