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How do I order tickets? What is the process?

Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis through our ticket platform, Eventbrite. When purchasing tickets, please click on the purchase button ONCE. Multiple attempts may result in multiple HOLDS on your credit card. While we can correct these actions, the reversal is performed by our ticketing platform and will require several days for the refund to post on your account.

Can tickets be purchased at the door? 

Yes! Tickets can be purchased at the door or ahead of time, online. You may purchase tickets on-site as long as they are available. 

What does my ticket cover?

Your car spot or picnic table ticket grants you entry to Radial Park. It includes the real estate which is yours for the evening to share with your 4 additional guests (5 total individuals per space). A single pass ticket grants you a seat at a picnic table, or you may bring seating of your choice. 

How do I get there?

There are a few ways to get to Radial Park. You can take the NYC Ferry to Astoria Landing and walk 5 minutes to Radial Park. You can take the N/W Train to the 30th Ave station and walk 20 minutes to the venue. Additionally, you can drive. Google or type Radial Park in any web browser for instantaneous directions to the venue.

Click on the html link below for the Astoria Terminal Ferry Schedule.

How are spots chosen?

Tickets are sold by rows. Once you arrive at the lot, available spots in your row(s) are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Larger vehicles will be asked to park towards the back of their sections to accommodate a best possible viewing scenario for ALL.

Is food available?

A concession stand stocked with soft drinks, fresh popcorn, and an assortment of candy is available. Themed food trucks will also be onsite during the performance. Both the concessions and food truck vendors accept paper and plastic.

May I bring lounge chairs or other collapsible seating?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to bring blankets, chairs, been bags, inflatable sofas/chairs, the kitchen sink...  Your space for the evening is your piece of real estate.  Re-imagine your spot for the evening for maximum comfort and enjoyment.  Just respect your property lines!

What do I do with my car?

If you have purchased a picnic table spot, your car may be parked in the warehouse next to Radial Park for a fee. If you have purchased a car spot, please turn your vehicle off when you have parked until it is time to leave. Once you park, you will not be able to leave without interrupting the show. If you KNOW that you will have to leave early, please let us know beforehand and we will put you in a position where you can leave unobtrusively. 

Will I be able to hear the show from my car spot?

Radial Park provides a state of the art sound system which provides ample sound levels for the entire venue.  Around 10pm, we lower the volume to respect our residential neighbors.  If you wish to access the sound via FM radio in your car, guidance will be given for the correct FM band when you arrive.

What health and safety precautions have been taken?

The health and safety of our guests and crew are of utmost concern to us at Radial Park. New York COVID restrictions have been lifted. However, we encourage guests to socially distance and wear masks if they are not fully vaccinated. Our staff frequently cleans and disinfects facilities before, during and after events. Hand sanitizer is available. 

Should guidance from local and state authorities change, information will be posted on our website and on the screen during events. 

Are bathrooms available?

      Yes, there are porta-potties. Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer are available for your use. Bathrooms are cleaned regularly by staff on site as well.

Am I allowed to use my phone during the show? 

At Radial Park we encourage the use of phones during the show! Take pictures, share with friends,

just be sure to tag us @RadialPark

What do I do if I have an emergency?

     Flash your lights, honk your horn, wave your arms, it's an emergency! We will have one of our staff members immediately come to assist you.


Are pets allowed at Radial Park? 

With the exception of ADA service animals, pets are not allowed at Radial Park. 

What if it rains?  

Rain or Shine, the show will go on. If extreme weather conditions cause the show to be cancelled, tickets will be honored for another date. 

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