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Radial Park at Halletts Point is an entertainment multiplex. Anchored by a traditional drive - in format, the creation of innovative hybrid productions which combine traditional cinema with live performance are blowing away audiences night after night.  This new CINEMERSIVE™ format is breathing new life into cult classics, dramas, musical theater, and Broadway favorites alike.


Radial Park began operation in the shadow of Covid 19, and this component was a key consideration as the founders designed the park in a Covid secure format. Radial Park protocols and practices comply with all local, state, and Federal health guidelines.  Maintaining a secure space which allows public assembly is a key focus. At Radial Park, appropriate social distancing measures allow guests to enjoy anxiety free social engagement. Human interaction coupled with the benefits of arts and cultural exchange is so vital to quality of life and community empowerment both at the local level and globally.


So please join us at Radial Park for an evening of "Broadway at the drive - in™, a world premiere, Sunday Funday, music festival, or any number of diverse programming selections scheduled for this Spring and Summer 2021.

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