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Originating the Cinemersive genre with productions of Phantom of the Opera, Purple Rain, Selena, and the Blues Brothers, Radial Park is host to a number of exciting developments including:  The Durst Organization's massive revitalization of Halletts Point, phased implementation and construction of several residential/mixed use properties, and a complete bulkhead restoration of the very East River real estate which underpins the topography of Radial Park.

Unfortunately, due to this progress, the Summer Season 2022 at Radial Park is not possible.  We were stoked about new programming and scheduled events for 2022.  In addition, massive interest by public/ private organizations and individuals indicate a variety of exciting and varied community activations in the future.  Yet, to complete the necessary improvements to the park and surrounding areas, large scale construction will dominate the site during the Summer months.

Not to FEAR! Radial Park will return with an incredible array of entertainment offerings soon!  After the current construction wraps, the potential square footage of the park will be increased significantly allowing for larger event production.  Also, Radial Park management is at the development forefront of new, innovative, Eco-friendly, energy production initiatives. These  new methods of power integration will herald exciting new approaches for the special event industry as well as site specific power generation needs broadly.


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