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Radial Park, we are Broadway at the drive-in. An interactive, theatrical experience, from the safety of your own vehicle. Guests will come to enjoy a show on the big screen with live, sing-along entertainment, performed by Broadway stars. A fun, family friendly night out! Don’t have a car? No problem! Rent a picnic table and a retro boombox to hear the movie and live performances. Enjoy snacks and ice-cold beverages from the concession stand or enjoy something fun and delicious from one of the food trucks on site. While you’re out enjoying the night, you can rest-assured we have your safety in mind! You get a lot at Radial Park, a parking lot. Each picnic table or parking space will get their own mini parking lot, that has been spaced out in accordance with the current social-distancing guidelines. Upon entry, we will be checking your temperature with an infrared, touchless thermometer, then you’ll get to choose a color-coded, glow-in-the-dark wrist band in green, yellow or red (Green means go, yellow means I’m being cautious and red mean please don’t come near) to indicate your level of comfort while social distancing. We will also have lifeguards on duty, (because what’s a night on the water without a few lifeguards. COVID lifeguards, that is!) are ready to blow the whistle on any social-distancing violations. One thing is for certain, you’ll remember the fun you had visiting Radial Park, where Broadway shines!

To reach us, please call 212-586-2744 or email us at

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